What is Aramus.net?

Aramus Recordings (aka “Aramus.net”) is a cooperative, peer reviewed, record label and music publisher / distributor.

What is Aramusica.org?

Aramusica.org is a non-profit organization, founded by Aramus Records, which provides funding, advice, and logistical support to recording musicians.

What does the name mean?

“Ara”  is Latin for “altar”.  Ara was one of the 48 Greek constellations described by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy…  In ancient Greek mythology, Ara was identified as the altar where the gods first made offerings and formed an alliance before defeating the Titans. The nearby Milky Way represents the smoke rising from the offerings on the altar. (source: Wikipedia)

We at Aramus encourage you to consider who are the Titans we face, and suggest that by working together we can become the change we seek!

But why is the logo a bird?

Aramus guarauna or “Limpkin” is a bird that looks like a large rail but is skeletally closer to cranes.  It is the only extant species in the genus Aramus and the family Aramidae.

Why add another music distribution channel and online store to an already crowded marketplace?

Recording artists are faced with several options when it comes to distributing their work:

1. They can give it away on Youtube, Facebook, or a variety of other free media distribution channels.

2. They can give it away (or perhaps even pay) to have a traditional record label release their work. These days, labels usually require a financial stake from the artists in the form of sharing engineering expenses or other production costs. In an era when Grammy Award winning classical CDs may sell only 5-10,000 copies, it is rare for musicians to reap any financial return from a recording.

3. They can sell it on iTunes or other major online distributors and pay commissions of 20 – 30% or more, not including fees to “bundling” companies to get their music listed there.

To us at Aramus, even though the commission structure of most major online distributors is disagreeable, it isn’t the most significant drawback to using them as a primary source of online distribution. Youtube, iTunes, CDbaby, and Amazon alike have become clearinghouses where any middle school band with a notebook computer and a Twitter account can have their cover renditions appear beside the originals by famous artists – in some cases with better reviews and more “hits” depending on savviness of the band’s resident computer geek. Amidst all the digital “noise,” it is increasingly difficult to sort out musical treasures from the trash heap. No one is minding the store with regard to quality – anything goes, and the more 13 year olds playing “Stairway to Heaven” the merrier as far as online distributors are concerned.

How is Aramus different?

We seek to make every Aramus release a unique collaboration where performers, recording engineers, and composers work as equal partners towards a shared artistic goal. Quality is paramount, and independently produced submissions are screened “blindly” by a panel of nationally and internationally respected composers and performing musicians. All prospective Aramus Artists can be assured that their submissions will be judged fairly, focusing on a clear artistic standard without regard to media hype. If a submission is rejected, the applicant will be given feedback as to why their recording wasn’t published.

So quality is paramount, but what are the hidden costs to being an Aramus Artist?


Aramus requires no application or membership fees, and shares all profits with participating artist “co-owners” as direct payments and distributed stock shares.  The label operates on a lean budget financed by shared licensing rights, corporate sponsorships, private fundraising, and logistical support from Aramusica.org.  For more information about our bylaws and financial structure, please search “bylaws” and follow the link.

But what about publicity? Why should I waste my time with Aramus when I could simply sell my CDs through iTunes, which has 575 million accounts?

Because iTunes has 575 million accounts, and many of them are getting in the way of your audience base (or potential audience base) finding your releases. Aramus operates under the principle that these days most audiences are niche audiences, and artists have more to gain by dealing with a niche label than by jumping into the digital abyss of Amazon. Our platform has a host of options available for publicity, manageable from individual artist accounts: Google Analytics (Where did that last stream or download come from, and did the ad my manager placed in Chamber Music America really make a difference?), as well as embeddable media players, links to all the popular social networking sites, and more. It is all organized through an easy to use interface designed by some of New York’s top Graphic Designers. In addition to being a record label that reaches a world-wide audience, Aramus is a social network of musicians, composers, and recording engineers—It is a forum for audiences to learn about music being performed and recorded, performers and composers to learn about the technical aspects of the recording process, and sound engineers to collaborate with highly skilled artists with national and international reputations.

Can Aramus help me get my releases on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other online venues?


The current cost to Aramus to list an album for sale or download on iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMP3, Google Play, and a variety of other international online venues is a one time charge of approximately $50 per album, or $12 per single track EP.  In order to serve as many musicians as possible, we ask our artists to cover those expenses if they wish for their Aramus releases to be distributed via those channels.  As our label grows, we hope to be able to provide iTunes listings for free.

Does Aramus.net have bylaws governing operations?

We’re working on it.  Please visit http://aramusica.org/2014/04/25/aramus-bylaws-first-draft/ to view our first draft, and feel free to weigh in by emailing AramusRecords@gmail.com

Okay, You’ve convinced me! So how do I apply to be an Aramus Artist, or to receive a grant from Aramusica.org for a recording project?

Email 3 web links to contrasting examples of your work. In the case of Recording Engineers, please send links to downloadable files in 16-bit, 44.1khz resolution. Higher resolution examples may be requested at a later time. Each example should be at least 8 minutes long. If shorter tracks are included, additional material can be sent so that the musical duration of the submitted material is approx. 25-30 minutes. Although auditions will be blind, we also request an artist’s bio and/or current CV. Aramus reserves the right to request additional materials from any applicant.

Please send your submissions to:


or mail hard copies to:

P.O. Box 133
Brooktondale, NY 14817